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  • Cassandra Veals (Friday, March 18 16 04:05 pm EDT)

    Stacey is awesome. She draws you in. This was my 1st zumba class and I had a GREAT TIME while burning calories. Looking forward to Tues and Thurs @ 530.

  • Gina Schenk (Saturday, February 13 16 08:16 pm EST)

    I would like to send you an email to say thank you for your program and instructors. I started attending the classes 5 weeks ago from a Christmas gift from my son with my daughter.
    The reason why it has been so wonderful to me is that I have knee problems that have limited me over the past 7 years, and in turn made me put on weight. I had a total knee replacement 5 years ago on
    my right knee from an automobile accident years ago. And then when I felt I was doing great and being very active, 2 years ago I slipped on the ice and snow. I forced my left knee down, protecting my
    right knee. From that I was on crutches for 10 weeks, with no weight bearing before surgery. My left knee has still be giving me problems of stiffness, weakness, and pain, so again I was limited on
    what I could do.
    I always loved to dance, as my family called me the "disco queen" because of how much I loved to go to the discos to dance. I should of danced with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. So my son
    gave his sister and I a 2 month unlimited membership to your Zumba classes. So now to brag. I have been going to class 3-4 times a week, limited at first but each class I am feeling stronger, more
    agile, and feeling better about me being more like myself an I am dancing. Stacey's classes that have more fast Salsa style dancing has been the best for me than the ones with more jumping.
    All the classes I have enjoyed and look forward to coming but I have connected with some of the students in Stacey's class as well as Stacey. Early on spoke to Stacey and told her my situation. She
    has asked me how I am doing weekly and has also told me that she has seen me improve. I love her energy, and craziness which energizes me as well. So I would say that in just 5 weeks I feel I have
    improved more than I have over the past year with going to the gym and doing exercises, riding the bike, other nautilus and elliptical equipment and even swimming.
    Thank you very much.Gina

  • mary kay heldman (Friday, December 11 15 12:03 pm EST)

    Working out has never been more fun! Stacey Poe you are amazing, fun and motivating

  • Cindy Sweitzer (Saturday, December 05 15 11:21 am EST)

    My friend and I came to Zumba by a Groupon and 3 punches into my card found Stacey Poe. She is fantabulous!!! Her friendliness, energy and great routines are all the reasons you now have 2 more
    steady clients beyond the Groupon (we just purchased the Black Friday special).
    Wish I had the opportunity to see her more often during the week!
    Stacey is Zumba awesomeness!

  • Rick Paquette (Friday, December 04 15 08:53 pm EST)

    I lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks. My instructor, Stacey Poe, was the best. High energy...lots of encouragement. Thanks!

  • Danielle Swopes (Saturday, October 31 15 12:44 pm EDT)

    My boyfriend & I love dancing at Dare to Dance! We look forward to our lessons with Leslie (who is amazing!) every week, & treat it as our special date night. It's a great way for us to spend
    time together, learning, being active & truly interacting. We were looking for a hobby that we could do together for a lifetime, regardless of weather or location, & we are so happy to say
    that we've found it.

  • Karen R (Thursday, October 29 15 02:51 pm EDT)

    I enjoy my lessons with Tony weekly. Tony is so fun loving and happy. He is very patient with me. I am not the fastest dance learner, but I do enjoy dance and D2D is such a comfortable club.

  • Dianne Rowland (Wednesday, October 28 15 04:28 pm EDT)

    I have been taking private lessons with Tony for several months. He is a fantastic instructor. He is very knowledgeable, considerate and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend him highly and I
    love the Dare to Dance staff. They are ALL great to work with.

  • Molly Hembree (Thursday, October 22 15 01:24 pm EDT)

    I fell in love with Dare to Dance about 4 years ago when I took advantage of a great Groupon. Since then, I've renewed an annual membership each year! I have only taken Zumba classes, but I have
    gone1-4 times a week to Jen and/or Richele's classes all this time! They are incredible instructors. Their energy, choreography, music selection, and even sense of humor, make Zumba a blast. I don't
    know where I'd be without Dare to Dance! I even just moved to Columbus but have family in Cincinnati, and still plan to renew my annual membership! Thanks for having terrific Zumba classes that can
    be tailored to a novice but also challenging for an experienced Zumba-goer!

  • David & Susan Paul (Thursday, September 03 15 10:47 pm EDT)

    We had a superb day of dance today! Two private lessons with Leslie Whitesell followed by a Full Bronze Tango class tonight also taught by Leslie, then a practice party led by Tony who was a gracious
    host tonight with several opportunities to practice what we learned today! It was a fun day!

  • Michelle (Monday, August 31 15 11:11 pm EDT)

    This is my 2nd class and I am still having fun. Rita is an awesome instructor. I love the class.

  • Maria Fioratti (Thursday, August 27 15 09:12 am EDT)

    Stacey is a great Zumba Instructor!
    Besides her classes are fun, she adds many exercises. Besides having fun, you have a lot of benefits! Really love her classes, I would like that she could teach more in the afternoon! :-)

  • staci ciaccio (Wednesday, August 19 15 10:04 pm EDT)

    I love all the lovely Zumba instructors at DVD but one stands out to me. I go to almost everyone's classes and enjoy each ones style and workout but Stacey Poe and her POE style is my favorite!! She
    has a killer playlist and her choreography is so fun, best part is, at the same time your getting intense workout!! She is encouraging and dedicated to all her students and you can feel her love for
    all of us!!Stacey always brings in a full house and when you try her class, you will see why!!! I've been coming to D2D for about 5 months now and have seen better muscle tone and weight loss!! Thank
    you to all the instructors you are all awesome, and Stacey thank you for your unique style that keeps the floor hot!!

  • Vivian (Wednesday, August 19 15 08:34 am EDT)

    Stacey was great during Zumba convention week! She kept the energy going while the other girls were away. Nine and a half hours of Zumba instruction in 6 days...don't know how she did it!!! We had a
    blast with her!

  • Laurie Bryant (Thursday, July 30 15 04:27 pm EDT)

    I came to Dare to Dance after taking Zumba classes with Rita at another gym. I fell in love with the studio after one class! Rita, Stacey, and Beth are great! (I haven't tried the other instructors
    yet.) They are all so energetic, fun, and encouraging. I absolutely love Zumba... the music, the energy, the dancing! I have so much energy after I leave each class.

  • Mika Ziv (Thursday, June 25 15 09:05 pm EDT)

    Beth is such a fantastic instructor. I truly look forward to her Wednesday classes and I am always sad when the hour of dancing is up. She picks great music and keeps us all moving at a steady pace.
    Thank you Beth for being so awesome!

  • Shay Florence (Sunday, May 17 15 11:28 am EDT)

    Omgosh I had such an awesome experience doing Zumba. Thanks to Mariluz & Jen's classes starting to see a vast difference in how my clothes fit & so does my boyfriend. He stated my confidence
    has definitely changed for the better!! :-)

  • Donna Ivins (Tuesday, April 07 15 08:52 pm EDT)

    I wanted to find some kind of exercise that was fun and the Zumba classes have been great. I am slowly catching on and it is making me work up a sweat while having fun.

  • Linda Wesseler (Thursday, February 26 15 10:48 pm EST)

    We have been so impressed with each of the 3 instructors (Jeff, Tony and Christina) we've had so-far for private lessons, that it's hard to decide who to continue with. The practice parties and group
    lessons have been fun and a great way to reinforce what we're learning in our private lessons. And we're connecting with a whole new (real live, not online!) social network of other couples who want
    to be active and have fun.

  • Connie Wiedemann (Wednesday, February 11 15 04:30 pm EST)

    Zumba is the reason I tried Dare to Dance as they have great am class schedules. The instructors were so good and you can tell the class truly enjoys them. Rita was awesome and she kept us all going
    with great class interaction. Stacey was also great and was 35 weeks pregnant. There really is no reason not to be able to do Zumba after Stacey's inspiring class! She did leg lifts, squats and more
    for an hour and didn't miss a beat. Great classes and fun! Hard to believe this is exercise as the energy is pure fun.

  • Alice Tramell Kalota (Thursday, February 05 15 05:46 pm EST)

    We are celebrating our first anniversary year as Dare to Dance ballroom students. My shy engineer husband gave me the introduction packet for my birthday. The logic and patterns of ballroom dance
    appeal to his left-brain mind. All of the instructors are fabulous – Terri, Toni, Leslie, Grace, Jeff, Christina and Melissa can make clumsy feet and hands coordinate into fluid movement. The Friday
    socials are fun ways to practice and meet new friends. Ballroom dance is a fantastic opportunity to sparkle our lifelong romance. We are having a lot of fun! All of us – fellow students and
    instructors – laugh a lot. Thank you!

  • Simone (Thursday, February 05 15 07:08 am EST)

    Jeff is a very patient, professional and fun instructor! He is willing to explain steps in multiple different ways and practice them until you got them down. Each private lesson I have improved
    thanks to his ability of teaching. I feel a lot more confident dancing and have fun while learning.

  • Diane Pestian (Saturday, January 31 15 07:29 pm EST)

    Tony is a very creative Ballroom Dance Instructor. He makes you feel confident during and leaving your dance lesson. He is fun and caring!

  • Mark Hershey (Saturday, January 31 15 11:07 am EST)

    I've been coming to D2D for going on two years now. Grace has been my instructor in private lessons since the beginning and she is terrific – always personable, challenging, encouraging and very
    funny. My lesson is something I look forward to every week. The studio's schedule of group dance lessons six days a week and private lessons provide a fun framework for learning to dance. The
    practice party on Friday nights is always fun. I've gained new friends in both fellow students and instructors. If you want to learn to dance, this is a great place to do it.

  • Bronwyn Marshall (Saturday, January 31 15 12:21 am EST)

    When I started ballroom dancing 6 weeks ago, I was extremely nervous and unsure of myself, but all of the staff members at D2D made me feel at home in no time. My instructor- Jeff is talented, fun
    and has the patience it takes to work with many different types of people. He has inadvertently helped me build my confidence and has most certainly helped me improve my dancing. The studio is great
    and the D2D family is brilliant.

  • Janeen (Thursday, November 20 14 06:55 pm EST)

    Jeff is a great instructor. I always had fun with him when I went to my ballroom dance lessons. As a single female signing up for ballroom dance lessons, I thought it would be weird, but I felt
    comfortable right away, had a ton of fun, gained confidence in myself and learned some good dancing along the way, thanks to Jeff. I even performed in my first dance recital with great success!

  • Sally (Thursday, July 03 14 09:48 am EDT)

    I recently bought a Groupon for Zumba. I am a runner and a friend raved about Zumba so I decided to try it. I has been so much fun and I am getting a great workout too! I have taken both Stacey and
    Jen's classes- they are amazing - lots of energy and great dancers, each with their own style. The music is loud and energizing, and the studio is impressive. Smiling and exercising- the way it
    really should be!

  • Jim Fatheree (Monday, June 30 14 09:36 am EDT)

    The Zumba classes are fantastic. Stacie Poe and rita are excellent instructors. They make the class fun, entertaining and a great workout. More importantly, they make newcomers feel welcome and they
    are both very encouraging.

  • Sally (Monday, June 30 14 08:41 am EDT)

    I bought a Groupon at the recommendation of a friend. I have loved the Zumba classes! I am not a "dancer". I get exercise from running. Zumba is such a fun way to exercise! I am smiling and sweating
    for the entire hour. I have taken both Stacey and Jens classes and both are great. I have most frequently gone to Stacy's classes- she is a ton of fun, lots of energy and a great dancer! The girl can
    move! It is a lot of fun to try to keep up with her. The energy of the class (music/instructor/other participants) is definitely a mood lifter.
    The studio is very nice. It is an attractive space, and a nice touch to have ice water with lemon at the ready.
    I will be continuing the Zumba classes after the Groupon expires and may even try some of the other classes.

  • Gayle L. (Monday, April 21 14 01:18 pm EDT)

    I've been a member of Dare to Dance for 2 years now and will not go elsewhere. The instructors are all TOP NOTCH! Each one has her own flair and dynamic that's both fun and engaging. The number of
    classes offered throughout the week is super convenient and the boot camp class offered both Saturday and Sunday mornings, lead by Deb, is something you don't want to miss. I recently incurred an
    injury remanding me to crutches. Deb created an entire routine to accommodate my needs, allowing me to workout and still attend her classes! For those of you out there not sure of coming...and you
    know who you are...just try one class...any class! From the energy and genuine interest shown by the instructors and trainers, to the fun and funky music, to the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of
    the entire group, it is honestly comparable to none. I'm completely addicted!!! Thank you to each of the instructors, whose classes I've enjoyed every week: Jen, Rita, Richele, Stacey, Deb, Mariluz,
    and Kelly. And another thank you for offering a great place to work out that keeps me laughing, sweating, challenged and more importantly...coming back!! :)

  • Kim (Monday, April 14 14 03:59 pm EDT)

    I look so forward to my zumba classes...makes my day! all instructors are awesome and how there are many options days/times for class. the early class seems to work best for me. so I've
    gotten to know and really enjoy Rita's classes. thanks to all of you a dare to dance. :)

  • Bill Hancock (Wednesday, March 26 14 08:35 pm EDT)

    Kandace Cox is a wonderful dance instructor for both private and group lessons. She brings out the best in me, challenges me, and helps improve my dancing with every interaction.

  • Christopher Porter (Tuesday, March 25 14 09:38 am EDT)

    When I first heard about Zumba I thought that it was not for me. Was I ever SO wrong. Not only are you burning calories and having fun but the time just flies by. Zumba has been my new outlet for the
    past 2 years and I have been in love ever since. I have taken classes from many talented instructions at Dare 2 Dance in Cincinnati, OH but one has always stood out. My first class was with Jennifer
    Zimmer Zale and I did not know what to except. A good friend got me to go with her and I am glad she did. Jenn likes to mix things up on her songs and always keep you guessing and wanting to come
    back for more. One thing I will always remember was after my first class she came up and thanked me for coming. She is so warmed hearted and just an overall outstanding person and instructor. If you
    are ever in Blue Ash, OH I recommend you stop by Dare 2 Dance on a Saturday. That is where Jenn teams up with another fantastic instructor Richele Nold. This is a great duo you do not want to miss.
    All in all thanks to Jenn, because of her one day I will be certified in Zumba and can only hope to be as exciting and fun as she is.

  • Brian (Monday, March 24 14 04:50 am EDT)

    My wife and I are having a wonderful time. Leslie is a fantastic instructor and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. They have created a fun and relaxed environment for learning the dances.

  • Joe Petrick (Saturday, March 22 14 12:51 pm EDT)

    Dare To Dance is a fantastic dance studio, well-managed with excellent instructors in a spacious modern facility. The friendly professionalism of one dance instructor, Terri, helped me to learn the
    fundamentals of American style foxtrot, waltz, rumba, east coast swing, merengue, salsa, tango, and bachata in a short period of time. Her individual attention combined with group training and
    parties helped me to feel competent and confident enough to truly enjoy a social dancing occasion.

  • Missy (Thursday, March 13 14 06:30 pm EDT)

    Terri is a wonderful instructor. So good, in fact we signed up for more classes. The facility is wonderful and all the instructors are great.

  • Donna Strauss (Friday, March 07 14 05:59 pm EST)

    Kandace has done a great job teaching us how to dance. I have never taken ballroom dancing before and now feel confident on the dance floor.

  • Dan Strauss (Friday, March 07 14 05:57 pm EST)

    I really have enjoyed the experience. We joined D2D in mid-January and I couldn't dance a step. Our instructor (Kandace) Has taught me a lot. It is fun and non-threatening, yet I have learned a lot.
    I recommend this to anyone - take a chance and you might like it. I did.

  • Bill Hancock (Wednesday, March 05 14 01:41 pm EST)

    An awesome atmosphere in which to learn dancing, make new friends, and keep up with old ones. Before long you're a member of an extended family. The teachers are extraordinary and cover so many
    different dance forms that its impossible not to find something that you like!

  • Aida Couch (Saturday, February 08 14 07:02 pm EST)

    I had recently moved from northern Kentucky to Cincinnati and I was missing my Zumba classes so much, the energy, the fun. I met Stacey Poe through a good friend of mine, Jose, and he said to me you
    have to take Stacey's class! I know my friend and he likes the best so I did. And I couldn't be any more pleased. I was no longer missing my Zumba friends or instructors from Ky as I had found Stacey
    (lots better!). I love the intensity of her workout, but also the dancing and fun part and the variety. She also has a wonderful personality. Always smiling and showing genuine care for her students.
    Recently, she invited me to ZAD and it was an amazing night. Didn't feel like a workout at all and also met your other Zumba instructors with the same energy. This past Friday I took Stacey's class
    and my legs are sored from her squats. That's what I call an effective workout!! Thank you so much for the quality and care of your instructors , specially Stacey! I recommend it to all my friends.

  • S.R. Dickerson (Tuesday, January 21 14 05:28 pm EST)

    I simply love Jen as an instructor, she is very good and passionate about what she does.

  • Donald Karasek (Thursday, January 16 14 01:16 pm EST)

    I started to dance in March of 2013. I never danced as a teenager or young adult because I felt I could never learn. I have now not only learned numerous dances but I also do competition ballroom
    dancing. Terri is my instructor and she is great. She is patient, knowledgeable and a fun person. I am now bringing the women I am dating to take lessons with me so we can both enjoy dancing. The
    other instructors are friendly and have helped me if I ever have any questions. I would recommend Dare to Dance to anyone who wants to learn to dance.

  • Marlie (Thursday, January 16 14 01:12 pm EST)

    Way to go on this esysa, helped a ton.

  • Robt (Thursday, November 28 13 01:38 pm EST)

    Last year I took the dare...The dare to dance. I stepped out of my comfort zone as a multisport athlete and took on the challenge of dancing. The atmosphere is always friendly, the istructors
    professional with a variety of expertise that will fit anyones interests.
    Take the dare. and join the fun

  • Lori (Thursday, November 21 13 03:26 pm EST)

    When I picked up my wedding dress back in March and it was quite snug a coworker suggested I start taking Zumba at D2D. I've been taking classes 3-4 times a week since then and when I got married in
    October not only did I feel great my dress had to be taken in! I couldn't have had that experience if it weren't for the awesome instructors!

  • Nune (Tuesday, November 19 13 11:11 pm EST)

    I am forever grateful to Lenny for opening the world of dance to me, and so kindly and gently and humorously allowing me to bring me and my music into the dance. I think you have the biggest heart
    for all aspiring dancers and you give so much of yourself and your talent to all of us!

  • Bekka (Tuesday, November 12 13 12:57 pm EST)

    I am 12 years old and Lenny is my dance instructor and my pro partner for competition. He makes lessons so much fun, I have become a very good dancer in a short amount of time because of his
    excellent instruction and enthusiasm.

  • David & Susan Paul (Monday, November 11 13 01:44 pm EST)

    My husband & I were looking for a way to get some exercise and meet new people. We used a Groupon coupon in March and have been learning and dancing ever since. Grace & Edward have been our
    supporting instructors but everyone including Mario and Barbara, as well as, Diane & Rick and some of the special people like Mariana that we met in our classes have all been so helpful and

  • Gloria Harbin (Friday, November 08 13 05:53 pm EST)

    Stacey Poe is such an awesome Zumba instructor. She motivates you to do even more than you think you can. Her dances are easy to follow and gives you a terrific workout.

  • Dan Trimmer (Thursday, October 24 13 02:51 pm EDT)

    We did an introductory package with a handful of private lessons and they could not have been better. Kandace was our instructor, and her patience and passion for dance truly inspired both mine and
    my girlfriend's experience. I was very impressed with the amount we learned in such a short time!

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